Guernsey branch of Institute of Directors supports referendum debate amendments

The Guernsey branch of the Institute of Directors supports the amendment from Deputies Gavin St Pier and Heidi Soulsby which would allow States members to consider how many States members should sit on each States committee. In the IoD’s view a reduction in the number of States representatives on committees would increase focus and accountability, while providing a clearer distinction between those deputies involved in policy formation and those responsible for scrutiny.
The change would also provide a greater opportunity for committees to attract and include non-States members who could make a meaningful contribution, ensuring the island leverages the talents of the entire community in support of policy formation. 
The IoD also sees merit in the amendment proposed by Deputies Gavin St Pier and Peter Ferbrache which would increase the political term to five years, given the difficulty the States have had historically in forming and implementing policy within a four-year term. 
John Clacy, Chairman of the Guernsey branch of the IoD, said: “Having had a clear mandate from the referendum to change Guernsey’s electoral system, the IoD encourages the States of Guernsey to implement these further pragmatic measures which will help make a success of island-wide voting from 2020."