Affirmation of Support for Committee for Economic Development

“The Institute of Directors and Chamber of Commerce reaffirm their support for the recent steps undertaken by Committee for Economic Development to enhance the islands air links; specifically the move to an open skies policy and the strategic framework approved decisively by the States of Guernsey in December 2018. The framework focused on the need for affordability, connectivity and reliability, and gave the States an opportunity to demonstrate its clear commitment to investing in air and sea link to meet its objectives.

“In particular, we welcome the recent addition of six new routes enabled through the move to open skies, increasing connectivity that will go some way to addressing the underperformance of air traffic in recent years.

"Building on these important strategic steps implemented by the Committee for Economic Development, the business groups call on the Policy and Resources Committee and the States to provide the funding for a full cost-benefit analysis of the options for the development of the islands’ air infrastructure.”