September Lunch Sponsored by Heritage Insurance

23 September - Moore's Hotel

Finance for Guernsey Geoff Miller spoke about progress with this project and the various ways in which it might move forward.

Geoff Miller, a seasoned finance industry professional, heads up Finance for Guernsey, the company that has been exploring the opportunities for a Guernsey-owned High Street bank. He will have recently conducted privately-backed market research into the project when he speaks at our September lunch.

The research was to establish what gaps might exist in the local banking market and all options will be assessed with the potential for a formal application to the regulator to establish a bank by the end of this year.

A locally-based entrepreneur, Mr Miller said that interest in a new Guernsey-based bank had been spearheaded by the local business community. The investigation is also in line with interest in a States bank already expressed by the Economic Development Department on behalf of Policy and Resources.

Mr Miller spoke about progress with the project to date and the various ways in which it might move forward.