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The Shape of Things to Come - IoD Winter Seminar sponsored by JT

OGH Hotel



There's no doubt that innovation and technological disruption is affecting every business, every industry and every economy – including Guernsey.

And while it can be a powerful force for driving business and economic growth and performance, it also presents significant risks. This is well highlighted in a recent Deloitte article which commented that many boards still "look like they did 20 years ago" and, as such, are incapable of making informed business and strategy decisions in a disruptive and digital world. This no doubt applies equally to boards in Guernsey.

Are we, then, at a crossroads in corporate board structure as it is increasingly recognised that we need to get to a point where the majority of the board is tech-savvy, otherwise they will be rendered obsolete and not take advantage of the opportunities that are created.

Furthermore, while there is no question that, by their very nature, technological disruption and innovation provide significant challenges to regulators and policymakers, can they also create an environment to cultivate and promote innovation, and potentially deliver innovations to the marketplace in a way in which they could not have developed on their own?

In this session we'll cover the span from regulator to entrepreneur with our panel which includes Emma Bailey, Director of the Authorisations and Innovation Division, Wayne Atkinson, Partner at Collas Crill, Susie Crowder, Non Executive Chairman at Nexus Technology Ltd & CEO Bright Futures LBG, and Matt Thornton, co-founder of Guernsey-based tech startup, Cortex Technologies.