£12.50 - £17.50

Tackling mental health in the workplace

OGH Hotel

7.45 - 9.00


At our first breakfast meeting of 2019, supported by our new sponsor Butterfield, we will be welcoming Emily Litten, Executive Director of Guernsey MIND, as our speaker.

Poor mental health is responsible for more lost working days each year than any other health condition. A local CIPD survey in 2017 showed that 44% of people in Guernsey have experienced a mental health problem at work compared to 31% in the UK. Despite reduced stigma around mental health in recent years a 2017 Time to Change survey showed that 71% of people in the Channel Islands would be unhappy discussing it with their employer. 

Yet, mentally healthy workplaces experience less absence, increased productivity and greater customer satisfaction. Having a positive mental health culture can lead to a reduction in sick days and associated costs,and the reduction of stress on those who cover for those off sick.  Where employees are more healthy there isreduced staff turnover, higher morale, improved performance and productivity, less presenteeism and savings on healthcare and PHI premiums.  

Guernsey Mind has trained 3,500 people and 65 workplaces in Guernsey and Jersey and, in their experience, leadership shown by Boards, Managers and senior Executives is the key to making a difference. Ms. Litten will talk about the impact of poor mental health and the signs and symptoms at work. She will present proactive and straightforward solutions that can be implemented at relatively low cost.