£12.50 for members, £17.50 for non-members

IoD December Breakfast, sponsored by Heritage Insurance

OGH Hotel

7:45 am


The IoD Guernsey branch is pleased to welcome David Ummels to our December Breakfast meeting on Thursday the 13th December

Over the last three years David Ummels has organised a number of highly successful art exhibitions and related charitable events through his initiative Art for Guernsey. As a result of this initiative he has established a vast consensus supporting the idea of using art as an enabler that will achieve quantifiable and measurable goals.

His talk to our members will reflect some of the discussions at our convention last month around what Guernsey can do for the world and what asset base we have from which to improve on and build our country brand? Following a recent presentation to the Economic Development department, Mr Ummels is proposing a Guernsey Iconic Art Venue.

He will explain why he thinks art can be used to achieve quantifiable economic goals to the extent that it could be a game changer for Guernsey and its community. He believes that it is a highly realistic and do-able project of systemic importance for the community.