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IoD Convention 2019

Beau Sejour

16:00 - 22:00


Climate change has become the hot topic for governments and policy makers. The human enhancement of global warming is already leading to potentially irreversible changes to our environment and landscape. Whilst addressing the problem requires a global response, international policy measures, protocols and accords must both benefit and influence the national energy policies if we are to have any influence on reducing the impact of global warming and the accompanied rise in sea levels.

There are clear choices that individual nations can make to either participate to the abatement of the problem or, conversely, be a ongoing contributor it. We may be geographically small, but our potential to influence and drive positive change is more significant. And in an ever-more interconnected and globalised world our approach to issues such as climate change will define how we are perceived as a jurisdiction and whether we can hold ourselves out as a responsible global citizenship. Following on from Simon Arnholt's talk last year this is an area Guernsey is helping to  drive global solutions. 

Already Guernsey's involvement with the United Nations’ Financial Centres for Sustainability (UN FC4S) and Guernsey Green Finance is putting us on the international stage and is sending a message to the world about our approach to climate change and other environmental issue. The increasing number of green funds being established on the island has obvious economic benefits, domestically and in the wider global community as we look to help fund the worlds response to this global issue. 

But are we maximising this opportunity to lead? Are we truly backing up what we say internationally in our own backyard? Is our domestic energy and regulatory policy consistent with the message we send out globally? 

Measures we could take include increased use of renewable energy, combined heat and power installations, improved energy efficiency infrastructure and appliances, carbon-neutral policies and reduction of CO2 emissions, and even reducing emissions from landfill sites. Being a serious, influential and responsible global citizen means demonstrating through our own domestic policies that the 'green' credentials we promote to the world are reflected in our own domestic policies. Our approach has the potential to define us as a jurisdiction, so are we delivering a clear and consistent message or are we undermining the credibility of brand Guernsey? We could become the good global country Simon alluded to. 

In the IOD 2019 Convention we explore the opportunities and risks associated with climate change, and whether we need a more progressive energy policy that highlights us as a responsible global citizen that contributes to a sustainable future for the global community? This looks like the ideal opportunity for Guernsey to clean up – are we ready to take it?"

Venue: Dave Ferguson Hall, Beau Sejour
Date: Thursday 3 October, 2018

16:00 Drinks Reception
17.00 Welcome
22.00 Close

Dress Code - Business Attire 

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