"Corporate Culture and the Board”

"Corporate Culture and the Board”

14 January - OGH Hotel

"Corporate Culture and the Board” was the first seminar in the IoD’s 2016 Spring Series sponsored JT. This event was jointly hosted with ICSA on 14th January.

In recent years, the question of corporate culture has risen to the top of the governance agenda. Cultural failure can be seen at the heart of many a corporate scandal, whether that be a failure of leadership or individuals acting outside the organisation’s values and ethical framework. It impacts upon organisations regardless of sector, or industry, or size. And it appears, too, in the most recent version of the UK Corporate Governance Code, which talks about the key role of the board in setting the correct ‘tone from the top’.


We are delighted to welcome Simon Osborne, Chief Executive Officer of ICSA; Roger Barker,Director of Corporate Governance, Institute of Directors as panelists. Simon and Roger will be joined on the panel by two local Chartered Directors to share their perspectives on corporate culture: Carol Goodwin, winner of the Neville Bain Memorial Award and Paul Luxon, Minister for Health and Social Services. 





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