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Management Shadowing

The IoD Management Shadowing Programme presents a rare opportunity to gain first hand experience of management in action. 

The Programme

The Programme has been running in Guernsey for many years and has received huge support from the Guernsey Business Community which is happy to provide access to their senior personnel for the Island’s students to shadow. The IoD is committed to improving the understanding of business and its contribution to society. Management Shadowing provides an opportunity for the student to learn about business and management through time spent with a senior manager.

The Programme is designed to give sixth form students the chance to be selected to shadow senior managers in the workplace and learn about management skills from firsthand experience. Management embraces many tasks including staff relations, dealing with clients and the public, administration, time management and organisational skills. Its breadth can only be fully appreciated when experienced firsthand.

Places are limited and those who are selected to take part will shadow a manager and establish a “one to one” relationship. The student’s role is one of observation and learning how the manager works, with the student actively encouraged to ask questions about the manager’s work ethic and views on management throughout the placement. It is a two way process and feedback is not only encouraged but is essential for both students and employers to benefit from the experience.  

Management Shadowing is different to works experience which typically involves the student engaging in non-specialist tasks in the work environment so that they gain a experience within a particular industry sector. When shadowing, the student will be able to observe and learn from managers/directors who have a high level of responsibility within their organisation.

The student is the ever present “fly on the wall” who may encounter confidential workplace situations demonstrating the trust placed in them. Managers are willing to have their actions and rationale scrutinised by the student, creating the unique nature of the Programme.

Students are invited to apply for the Programme by completing an application form.  Students should check the deadline on the form to ensure they do not miss the entry date.  The completed forms will then be discussed with the students’ teachers to select the candidates who will benefit most from the scheme. 

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The Student

During their shadow placement the student

  • gains firsthand knowledge of management, an essential skill used in all walks of life, whatever the final career or profession
  • can practice and develop interviewing, analytical and interpretation skills
  • irrespective of career choice is given the opportunity to become more aware of the contribution of local industry and commerce and the way it works
  • has the opportunity to gain experience in presentation and public speaking skills and can include this valuable experience on their C.V. 
  • has a unique chance to develop social and interpersonal skills with senior people who are willing to share their expertise in a very different environment from the classroom
  • may get a taste of a career area in which they are interested or if undecided gain an insight into an alternative they might not otherwise have considered
  • has the chance of being presented a Highly Commended, Merit or Distinction award at the Management Shadowing Awards evening in October and will have a lot of fun!

The Employer

During the students shadow placement the employer

  • gains from the feedback they receive from the student
  • has the opportunity to assist in the development of their own personnel by participating in the programme
  • gains an insight into the needs and aspirations of the next generation of employees
  • benefits from working with the students and schools and improving Guernsey's skill base
  • is helping young people in Guernsey with their personal development.

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