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Directors of Tomorrow

The IoD Guernsey Branch is constantly looking at ways to inspire the "Directors of Tomorrow" through schemes like Management Shadowing and with the support of the the schools and sponsorship from the Ana Leaf foundation, it works towards informing and inspiring young people to become future Directors. 

Five  students - Joe Ozanne, Abigail Galpin, Danielle Parr, Maya George and Miles Hardy attended the 2018 IoD Convention.

The Committee, members and all those who attended the Convention were impressed with the confidence and questions from the students and their enthusiasm left a lasting impression on all those involved. Blogs produced by the students are set out below so you can see how they felt about attending the event and the impression it made on them.

 The Blog of  Abigail Galpin - https://iodannualconvention2018.blogspot.com/

The Blog from Danielle Parr - http://iodconvention2018.blogspot.com/

The Blog from Joe Ozanne -  http://www.iod.gg/media/1307/joeozanne2018blog.pdf

The Blog from Maya George - http://www.iod.gg/media/1306/mayageorge2018blog.pdf

The Blog from - Miles Hardy - http://www.iod.gg/media/1308/mileshardy2018blog.pdf